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Leporello is an ancient binding structure for books, in China mostly used in the typesetting of the sacred scripture of the Buddhists. Due to the voluminous manual work involved in production, it is not for mass production. The folding pages are additionally easy to fall off without sufficient protection. Leporello is therefore no longer the best choice for modern bookbinding. The virtue of leporello, however, lies in its slender form that is perfect for the typesetting of bilingual texts in multiple pages. 


A red elastic cord is applied to not only prevent the pages from falling in reading but to provide better protection when the pages are unfolded. As long as the cord is fastened into the groove joint of the cover, the book will hold still. The cord can also serve as a bookmark, adding more practical flavor into this traditional book form. The design is a resuscitation of the ancient leporello with modern thinking, presenting the readers with a fresh reading journey on an old-fashioned road.



the laser technique is used to cut and engrave the cover which is made of high-density fiberboards, saving considerable time for manual production. 


Cooperate with from yuhang rong design library

Concept and art director - Qianli Ma 马千里  

Author - Maria-Luisa Uth, Qianli Ma, Chen Iang 梁晨

Designer - Qianli Ma, Chen Iang 

Bookbinding - Qianli Ma

Typographic Design - Qianli Ma 

Graphic - Qianli Ma

photography - Chen Iang

Year - 2017

On the dreamlike journey of life, let us not miss each other, but let me use my creativity toaccompany you onyour  travel.

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