Shi Ming is a home brand based on design and development and humanistic emotional care. And committed to using design ideas to create a natural and comfortable home life. The products of Shiming also satisfy people's emotional needs in order to meet the basic functional needs of users, and create a sense of belonging to the home as much as possible.

      室铭是一家以设计研发和人文情感关怀为基础的家居品牌。并且致力于用设计创意给人们营造一个自然舒适与安心的居家生活。 室铭的产品在满足用户的基本功能需求之上还要满足人们的情感需求,尽可能营造家的归属感。 


Our design philosophy comes from a poem written in the Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi's "An Epigraph in Praise of My Humble Home", "My home is humble. But it enjoys the fame of virtue so long as I am living in it." This poem shows that people's happiness in the living environment is not from external space or The possession of the goods comes from the inner satisfaction of the present, and the attitude of living in harmony with nature.

       我们的设计哲学来自于唐朝诗人刘禹锡写的《陋室铭》里的一句诗“斯是陋室,惟吾德馨”。 这句诗表明了,人们对居住环境的幸福感不是来自对外在空间或者物品的占有,而是来源于内心对当下的满足,还有与自然和谐共处的态度。 




It is this attitude of life that leads us to research in the direction of home design. On the one hand, we are exploring what is a soothing design. Because of peace of mind, everything is just right for you. On the other hand, it is the possibility of excavating tradition and modernity, the East and the West, and the integration of culture and technology, because we hope that Mian Ming's products can accommodate a variety of people's lifestyles, and I hope that Mian Ming's products can help people find them. Suitable for your own life.

       就是这样的生活态度引领着我们在家居设计方向上的研究,一方面去探索什么是安抚人心的设计, 因为心安,一切只要适合自己就好。 另一方面是挖掘传统与现代,东方与西方,文化与科技相互融合的可能性,因为我们希望室铭的产品可以接纳各种各样人的生活方式, 也希望室铭的产品可以帮助人们找到适合自己的生活。室铭既是品牌的名字,也表达了我们对当代家居文化新的诠释。


Branding Story - Maria-Luisa Uth, Qianli Ma 马千里

Naming - Qianli Ma 

Logo & Animation - Maria-Luisa Uth

Type Design - Qianli Ma 

Graphic - Maria-Luisa Uth

Photographer - Yang Wang 王阳

Year - 2018

On the dreamlike journey of life, let us not miss each other, but let me use my creativity toaccompany you onyour  travel.

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