You must have used a spring grip, maybe you never thought it would become a very effective salt breaker. The aluminum lever in the picture can effectively help you bend the spring salt can, so that the salt can be poured out from the gap of the spring. The more you bend, the more it will fall out, and it will be controlled by your grip. When you open the lever, this high-strength spring will pinch the salt more during the retraction process. Retract the spring as it is. The spring is automatically closed to prevent the salt inside from getting wet. What's more interesting is that the process of bending the spring is very interesting, very fun, and people who have used it say that this thing is too fun! Structurally I installed a wooden salt shaker in the spring to ensure that the spring can only be bent in the appropriate area. This design is to explore the fun redesign of everyday objects, and bring happiness to the design.

       想必您一定用过弹簧握力器,可能您从来没想过它还能变成一个非常有效的碎盐器吧。图中铝制的杠杆可以有效的帮助您弯曲弹簧盐罐,这样盐就可以从弹簧的缝隙中倒出,您弯曲的越大就倒出来的越多,全凭您的握力控制。当您松开杠杆的时候,这个具有高强度的弹簧在回缩的过程中会把盐夹得更碎。 收回弹簧原状后。弹簧自动封闭,防止里面的盐受潮。 更有意思的是弯曲弹簧的过程很有趣味性, 在结构上我在弹簧里安装了一个木制的的盐罐,这是为了保证弹簧只能在适当的区域被弯曲。 本此设计是在探索日常物品的趣味性再设计,用设计给人带来快乐。

Designer - Qianli Ma 马千里

Year - 2012

On the dreamlike journey of life, let us not miss each other, but let me use my creativity toaccompany you onyour  travel.

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