Server Carla weighing around 15 kilograms, the packaging design focuses on the way to protect the machine with minimum material in the simplest form. Centering on this, the design employs intercrossing plastic bandages to tighten the medium density fiberboards (MDF). The bandages function as both the joint of the whole package and the buffer. Such a structure reduces the use of packaging foam, the kind of environmentally harmful material that is rather difficult to decompose.

        Server Carla 这台服务器重约15公斤,怎样用最少的材料和最简单的结构去保护这台机器成为了本次包装设计的重点。为了解决这个问题,产品使用了相互交叉的塑料绷带将中密度纤维板绷紧。因此绷带既成为了连接整体包装的工具,也成为了机器的缓冲保护装置。这样的结构减少了泡沫塑料在缓冲包装中的运用,因为泡沫塑料很难被自然降解,是一种极其不环保的材料。 

Reusability of the package is another consideration put into the design. The base of the package can be used as the base of the server, while the upper part can be used as a garbage can. Furthermore, the cost of transportation and storage is effectively reduced due to the reduced volume, resulted from the usage of 10 mm MDF and the technique of CNC laser cutting. 



Client - PROTONET 

Director - Qianli Ma 马千里

Concept - David Burkhardt,Qianli Ma

Designer - Qianli Ma , David Burkhardt

Film - Chen Liang 梁晨

Year - 2016

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